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  • Where can FNCY be utilized?
    FNCY ecosystem aims to grow into a digital content platform in the Web 3.0 era that links the value of reality on its own mainnet. We are planning to service contents that is closely related to real-life, such as games, culture, art, and sports, and these will be released in line with the roadmap of the FNCY ecosystem.
  • Is there a place to receive test FNCY?
    If you want to use test FNCY in the testnet environment before applying it to the FNCY mainnet for the actual blockchain network, you can receive test FNCY. By entering the wallet address in the Wallet Address input field at the FNCY faucet (, test FNCY that you can use in the testnet will be sent to the provided address.Testnet FNCY cannot be used on the mainnet. If you wish to hold mainnet FNCY, please purchase it from an exchange.

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Bridge: FNCY connects the benefits of WEB3's philosophy and technology while maintaining the usability of WEB2

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